Knowledge is power. What happens when you have the skills you need to succeed? Everything. Our in–depth training courses broaden our customers’ understanding of their Minsait ACS hardware and software and helps make them experts in the maintenance and operation of sophisticated utility automation systems.

Our extensive curriculum ensures that all Minsait ACS customers have the opportunity to learn everything they need to know!

We present intense practical classes, supplemented with hands–on experience. This approach brings students up to speed in the shortest time possible. We teach the essential functions needed, along with valuable tips and advanced techniques that will help you harness the power of our system’s extensive capabilities.

Small class sizes ensure maximum instructor–student interaction. Class lectures are permeated with hands–on exercises and plenty of time for questions. Our instructors are experienced Minsait ACS professionals and engineers, with extensive on-site engineering and HelpDesk experience and knowledge.

Three convenient training formats to suite your needs: 

  1. Self-Paced Online Training: Self-paced online courses are available be taken on-demand at any time. These trainings are intended for customers with some prior knowledge of Minsait ACS solutions or may be pre-requisites for the live instructor-led classes.
  2. Live Instructor-Led Training (L.I.T.): L.I.T. courses are offered remotely and taught by the same qualified trainers and engineers that deliver on-site customized training.
  3. Customized Training (Onsite or Remote): Customized training is intended for those customers with more specialized or advanced Minsait ACS solutions that would require a more in-depth and hand-on training program than the standard courses offered.


Benefits of Minsait ACS’ comprehensive training programs

In depth, hands–on training experience

Small class sizes

Dedicated training classroom

Customized training plans

Coordinated course scheduling

On-site training available

Refresher course discounts

Training coupons for support customers

Standard Courses

Linux Fundamentals

This enhanced, 4–day course is designed with the new Minsait ACS user in mind. Learn essential Linux commands, how to fully use the Operator Interface, how the SCADA system operates.

Linux Administrator

This 5–day course expands the details of system management and shows you how to administer your Linux–based PRISM system effectively.

Graphical Operator Interface (GOI)

This course is the ideal starting point for operators, covering basic Red Hat Enterprise Linux principles and providing a comprehensive introduction to interacting with GOI. Participants gain fundamental knowledge of GOI, its supporting applications, and navigating the PRISM System from an Operator's Terminal Station.

PRISM Database & Display Editor

This intensive, 5–day hands–on class teaches you the fundamentals of building and maintaining a system database.

System Admin/Operator

In this course, you will develop the skills necessary to operate the PRISM system.

PRISM Portal

In this course, you will develop the skills necessary to administer your Minsait ACS PRISM Portal.

Distribution Application System Mapping Editor (DASmap)

This course is a comprehensive introduction to DASmap, the Distribution Application System Mapping editor. You will learn the working process that is required to maintain your electric model, from updating substation devices to adding feeder elements.

PRISM Real–Time Outage Management System (OMS)

This course provides training on the primary modules of the PRISM Real–Time OMS (Outage Management System).

CMI Scripting

This course examines advanced Command Interpreter and shell scripting topics. You will see examples of how to access and manipulate real–time and historical data without relying on a graphical presentation.

NTU/Connex/NTX Series Service & Operation

Models of the NTU/Connex series substation managers, as well as the new NTX 200 series Substation Controllers

Self-Paced Courses

Self-Paced: Graphical Operator Interface (GOI)

This training offers an introduction to Minsait ACS' GOI application, covering navigation, basic functionality, greport usage, and SwitchPlan integration.

Self-Paced: Oneview

This training compares the GOI and Oneview interfaces, emphasizing differences and similarities. The Oneview course explores its web-based interface, enabling users to configure workspaces and panel displays effortlessly.

Self-Paced: PRISM Designer Intro & Advanced

Participants will gain proficiency in drawing and manipulating lines and shapes for representing line sections and background objects on displays. Additionally, they will learn to add and configure status and telemetry points, as well as create command targets to link displays and execute commands within PRISM.

Self-Paced: Voltage Reduction & AoA

This course shows users how to utilize GOI, VDE, DrawV, and PRISM Designer to enable specific user groups to control designated target points and acknowledge alarms. The Voltage Reduction course provides instruction on configuring parameters for automatic voltage reduction commands.