Linux Fundamentals

This enhanced, 4–day course is designed with the new Minsait ACS user in mind. Learn essential Linux commands, how to fully use the Operator Interface, how the SCADA system operates. You will learn the key components that make up the PRISM system.

OP Intelligence 3

This course covers topics from log–on to file management, and is a great foundation for the Database and Display Editor, and NTX Series Service and Operation classes. Build your confidence and have fun learning Linux.

Linux is the base operating system that the PRISM system is built on top off.  A fundamental understanding of the operating system only empowers a user to take more control over his/her system.  In this course we will introduce you to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  Topics such as networking, basic system configurations, Linux and PRISM Applications packages, basic Linux commands, PRISM Application configurations will support the foundations of this course.  While many of these topics will be introduced the amount of depth will be limited. The goal in this course is to develop the skills and reference material to comfortable and effective at the command terminal.

Delivery Format: Remote L.I.T. or onsite at customer’s facility

Prerequisites: No previous experience with the Linux operating system is necessary. This course is a prerequisite for the Database and Display Editor and Linux Administration courses.

Who Should Attend: Anyone operating or administering a system who needs an overview of the Linux operating system.



  • Learn the fundamentals of the Linux operating system.
  • Hands–on training to successfully navigate in a Linux world
  • Start your training program with a class designed with the new Minsait ACS user in mind