System Admin/Operator

In this course, you will develop the skills necessary to operate the PRISM system. We custom–design this course to your exact specifications so that the training needs of your operators are met. This course is highly recommended as part of your onsite training program.

Let’s get behind the scenes of your PRISM system.  Learn how to write scripts to make them available in the interface. How to utilize Desktop access, how to become a Master user to empower your operators for daily success.  The goal of this course is to understand the latest PRISM version from behind the curtain to customize it to your utilities specify needs. If applicable, this course will bring every operator up to speed to transition from GOI to OneView.  Each operator will become familiar how to complete her/his daily tasks via the OneView experience.  Operators will be empowered to make the right request from their System Administrators to get the most optimized work environment. The goal of this course is for every operator to sit down at their workstation, confident and ready to take on Day 1 of operating SCADA with the Minsait ACS.

We will also spend some time discussing future development plans for feedback and collaboration.

Delivery Format: Remote L.I.T. or onsite at customer’s facility

Prerequisites: Linux Admin, PRISM Database & Display, some GOI knowledge is helpful but may not be necessary, Self-paced Oneview may be required.

Who Should Attend: All system operators and dispatchers.


  • Get intensive, hands–on training in the most commonly used administration areas
  • Acquire the system administration knowledge needed to manage your PRISM system.
  • Master the skills needed to configure and maintain your Linux–based PRISM Oneview system
  • Get the hands–on and conceptual experience with PRISM hardware and software to make these powerful tools work for you