PRISM Portal

In this course, you will develop the skills necessary to administer your Minsait ACS PRISM Portal. You will also learn the basics of reporting, publishing, and document management. We design this course to your exact specifications so that the training needs of your operators are met. This course is highly recommend as part of your onsite training program.

Delivery Format

Remote L.I.T. or onsite at customer’s facility


No previous experience is necessary, however, students should have an understanding of SCADA and the Minsait ACS PRISM system

Who Should Attend

Anyone using or administering PRISM Portal


  • Learn how to customize your PRISM Portal browser environment to make your most common tasks easy
  • Learn how to select, edit, drill, and “slice and dice” reports
  • Eliminate the burden of administering the data for your users by designing efficient structures
  • Learn to schedule, distribute, and automate reports
  • Understand the concepts behind your Utility Data Model (UDM).