PRISM Database & Display Editor

This intensive, 5–day hands–on class teaches you the fundamentals of building and maintaining a system database. Create vector graphic displays using Minsait ACS– defined and user–defined objects to display data from the database. The class labs provide applied active experience building and troubleshooting a working database under the guidance of Minsait ACS experts.

Learn to be an expert in building your Database.  There is an art and a science to building your database properly. So, whether you are starting your database from scratch, or you have inherited some else’s fine work, this course will empower you to become a strategic professional in developing an optimal database. Your database is the skeletal system of your PRISM system and the more solid our foundation the more solid we can build on top of it.  Every participant will leave this course with the knowledge to build and optimize the tools available to build a database that works well for your utility. Applications covered: PRISM Designer and Visual Display Editor (VDE).

Delivery Format: Remote L.I.T. or onsite at customer’s facility

Prerequisites: GOI, Linux Fundamentals

Who Should Attend: This program is essential for anyone building or maintaining the PRISM system, including anyone creating system displays. A must for all system administrators. System operators will also benefit from this program.


  • Learn the powerful features bundled into your system
  • Gain practical experience that can be directly applied to your system
  • Build database files that define stations and their associated points
  • Get your station online with a real NTX intelligent controller or Connex substation manager