Self-Paced: PRISM Designer Intro & Advanced

Participants will gain proficiency in drawing and manipulating lines and shapes for representing line sections and background objects on displays. Additionally, they will learn to add and configure status and telemetry points, as well as create command targets to link displays and execute commands within PRISM.

After successfully completing the Intro and Advanced courses, you'll be able to draw and work with the lines and shapes you'll need to represent line sections and background objects on a display, add and configure the status and telemetry points on your displays, and create command targets to link to other displays and run commands in PRISM.

Delivery Format: On-demand, online 24/7

Prerequisites: None

Who Should Attend:  Anyone operating or administering a system with PRISM Designer 

Please call 800.241.7317 to request set-up of your online learning profile.


  • Learn fundamentals and advanced topics in an on-demand environment 24/7