Advanced PRISM FeaGraphical Operator Interface (GOI)tures

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The classic PRISM GOI fundamentals course.  In this course we touch on some of the basic principles of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and also take a journey around interacting with GOI.  This is an Operators first course of choice.  In this course, participants will be introduced to all major components and applications from the operating system to Open Office Reports.  Every user will leave this course with a fundamental knowledge on using GOI, its primary supporting applications, and interacting with the PRISM System from an Operators Terminal Station.

Delivery Format: Remote L.I.T. or onsite at customer’s facility

Prerequisites: No previous experience with the Linux operating system is necessary. This course is a prerequisite for the Database and Display Editor and Linux Administration courses.

Who Should Attend: Anyone operating or administering a system who needs an overview of the PRISM system.


  • Learn the basics of Linux
  • Gain introductory knowledge of the Operator Interface and operation of the SCADA system, a basic knowledge of the Linux operating system, and a very basic knowledge of the PRISM database
  • Covers auxiliary operator reporting tools, such as OpenOffice with PRISM macros and data trending