CMI Scripting

This course examines advanced Command Interpreter and shell scripting topics. You will see examples of how to access and manipulate real–time and historical data without relying on a graphical presentation.

Delivery Format

Onsite at customer’s facility, preferred


GOI, highly recommended: Database and Display Editor and Linux Administration. A working knowledge of basic scripting concepts, the UNIX or Linux shell, and your PRISM system will allow you to get the most from this class.

Who Should Attend

Anyone responsible for management of the PRISM system and the collected data.


  • Review scripting techniques and learn how to develop the more complex routines
  • Learn how to extract and manipulate the data in your PRISM system for reporting or logic–based artificial intelligence, without using an OI window or external application
  • Gain exposure to script interaction and managing data flow from one script to another