NTU/Connex/NTX Series Service and Operation

This course provides instruction on the discontinued models of the NTU/Connex series substation managers, as well as the new NTX 200 series Substation Control- lers, including the NTX-20. Communication protocols are covered, as well as SCADA interfaces.

Overviews of NTU-7575, Connex 60 and Connex 30, which include hardware and configuration using the NTU Explorer software, will be provided. Overviews of the NTX-20, NTX-200, NTX-220, NTX-240 and NTX-260 installation and troubleshooting are also included. All aspects of NTX configuration are covered, including local I/O and IED point mapping and set-up.


Review of the NTU/Connex/NTX series user manuals.
Familiarity with communications pertaining to SCADA is helpful, but not required.

Who should attend

Anyone who installs/maintains Connex substation managers or NTU-7500 series NTUs, as well as the NTX-200 series Substation Controllers. Those responsible for building or maintaining the real–time SCADA database will also find this course beneficial.


  • Review NTU/Connex/NTX units step–by–step, from basic functionality and configuration, including drawing packages for each.
  • Learn–by–doing in a controlled environment.
  • Get insight into real–world situations and solutions with the extensive hands on exercises.
  • Learn step–by–step configuration methods and diagnostic monitoring using classroom Windows 7 PCs, or using your own laptop PC.
  • Configure and test Connex and NTX units for use with IEDs.
  • Explore communications over Ethernet, serial RS-232 and RS-485.
  • Understand binary, analog, counter, and control functions.