Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Onesait SCADA is the result of over 40 years of industry experience combined with the latest innovative technologies to anticipate and respond to the challenges of today’s control room.Hundreds of utilities around the world have chosen Onesait SCADA to meet their critical functional, performance and availability requirements.

Key Capabilities of Onesait SCADA

Onesait SCADA includes a modern, intuitive, browser-based user experience that delivers configurable workspaces with enhanced graphical displays, operational dashboards, system and asset KPIs, as well as traditional data views.

Modern browser-based user interface High-performance real-time database Unlimited database expansion High availability architecture Built-in formulas and calculations

Custom programming application Integrated reporting tools and data exporting capability Integrated historical data archiving and reporting Modern graphical displays with dashboard capabilities Support for industry standard system interfaces

Onesait SCADA can be augmented to fit your specific operational needs through the addition of a large library of applications.


Event notification program for SCADA that provides notification of critical system alarms/events to designated personnel via email and SMS text messages.

Data Historian

Extends the capabilities of SCADA providing a hierarchical data model that enables powerful ad-hoc queries, dashboards, report building and publishing.


Provides the system engineer or dispatcher a “bird’s eye view” of the grid, displaying past events in a time-lapse sequence as they happened.

Short Term Load Forecasting

Utilizes historical load and weather data to forecast system load, helping to support demand response and anticipating the need for feeder reconfiguration.


Application allows operators and engineers to intuitively create, save and execute switching orders.

Voltage Reduction

Designed to use LTCs or Voltage Regulators to decrease the total load during a system peak event. End-of-line voltage feedback is supported for closed loop control.

Emergency Load Shed

Provides the capability to pre-define load shed groups and rotational schedules. Performs load shedding through the operation of substation breakers.

Post-Disturbance Review

Captures user defined system data both before and after a system fault, supporting analysis of system conditions related to the event.
“Three iterations later, we are still very satisfied with the quality, the products and customer service delivered to us, so much so that we have opted to entrust Minsait ACS with our DASmap implementation, video wallboard installation and the conversion of our switching sheet process through the SwitchPlan Application.”

David Haynes

Operational Technology Administrator, Barbados Light & Power Ltd

SCADA Interfaces


The MultiSpeak Initiative is a collaboration of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), industry software vendors and utilities. The Initiative has developed and continues to expand the MultiSpeak Specification for Interoperability—defining standardized interfaces among enterprise software applications commonly used by electric utilities.


Onesait SCADA supports the ICCP (Inter-Control Center Communications Protocol) / TASE.2 protocol for communication between control center systems. Onesait SCADA provides support for redundancy and multiple ICCP links.


SoftRTU is an application that enables polling of the Onesait SCADA system as a slave from another master station.

SCADA is part of a larger real-time platform

Onesait SCADA is a foundational real-time platform that can easily be expanded through the addition of the following advanced applications.

Onesait OMS

High-performance real-time solution built on a platform that enables utilities to effectively handle the most severe storm situations.

Onesait ADMS

Combines real-time monitoring and control, advanced distribution applications, and outage management.

Onesait EMS

Combines best-of-breed technologies using a powerful suite of field proven applications.