Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS)

Onesait ADMS combines real-time monitoring and control, advanced distribution applications, and outage management – using distributed intelligence with grid edge technologies.

While many utilities today have yet to realize the full benefits of a DMS implementation, Minsait ACS is solving this challenge by delivering true ROI with our Onesait Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS). Based on our more than 40 years of experience delivering “mission critical” real-time systems, Onesait ADMS features advanced analysis applications to optimize network operations, combined with field-proven SCADA for monitoring and control and integrated Outage Management for tracking, analyzing and restoring outages – all resulting in improved network resiliency, reliability and power quality.

Onesait ADMS is a DER-enabled solution with a flexible, distributed architecture design that helps utilities effectively integrate DER assets and grid-edge devices into a future-ready platform, providing a holistic view of network dynamics and enabling autonomous operation and optimization of the grid.

Delivering a common user experience, data model, and integration framework across applications – Onesait ADMS transcends the traditional monolithic, centralized approach to DMS, providing unique extensibility in support of enhanced grid management, optimization and analysis. And supported with a full suite of mobile applications and enterprise integrations, Onesait ADMS is the solution for utilities today looking to improve performance and maximize reliable, resilient, and safe power delivery.

Onesait ADMS Benefits

System evergreen approach reduces utility total cost of ownership Distributed architecture provides extensibility not available with conventional centralized DMS Hybrid architecture enables full integration with grid edge technologies Orchestrate and optimize DER assets while actively addressing grid constraints
Grid intelligence tools enable advanced data analysis for improved decision making Scalable solution for distribution and outage management that can serve utilities of all sizes Unsurpassed industry experience – proven autonomous ADMS applications deployed on thousands of feeders worldwide

Onesait ADMS Capabilities

Network Map/Modeling

Onesait ADMS includes DASmap—a powerful GIS import and model creation tool that enables utilities to automatically create the real-time database, system model and operational displays from GIS and engineering model source data.

Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration (FLISR)

FLISR enables utilities to reduce outage duration and scope through automatic detection and restoration of feeder faults. FLISR utilizes fault indicators, telemetry, and the real-time network model to locate faults and determine/execute the necessary switching steps required to isolate faulted sections and restore service upstream and downstream.

Integrated Volt/VAR Control (IVVC)

IVVC reduces system losses while minimizing the distribution voltage within acceptable operating limits. IVVC achieves the specified objectives by utilizing the network model, power flow and real-time telemetry to determine and execute coordinated controls of available LTCs, capacitors, and regulators.

Intelligent Switching

Intelligent Switching enables the creation of plans for both planned and unplanned operational switching. The plans generated observe all specified limits and operational constraints such as loading, voltage, etc. Easily generate return-to-normal plans following a fault restoration, outage plans to isolate devices for maintenance, restoration plans and cold-start plans.

Optimal Switching

The Optimal Switching application generates recommended switch plans for the operator to reconfigure the distribution system to meet a specified optimization objectives such as minimizing losses or voltage drops. Optimal Switching enforces selected operational constraints such as voltage/current limits, minimizing switch operations, no customer interruptions, and more.

Distribution Power Flow

Dispatcher Distribution Power Flow (DPF) features a true three-phase unbalanced power flow algorithm, and is used as a dispatcher tool for ad-hoc load flow queries, as a planning tool for in-depth network analysis, and as a basis for the advanced distribution DMS analysis/automation applications.

Distribution State Estimation

The Distribution State Estimator is a high-performance application that calculates per-phase values for the distribution network in real-time, providing a more accurate state of the network for utilization by advanced DMS applications – including DER integration. It utilizes both actual and pseudo measurements, including real and reactive power flows, phase current magnitudes and load measurements to compute all voltages and currents in the system.

Short Circuit Analysis

This application analyzes faults in radial and looped feeders at user specified fault locations and calculates per-phase values for fault conditions. The selected fault conditions can be phase-to-ground, phase-to-phase, or three-phase. SCA can be used in the real-time mode to query fault current at user-selected points, or in study mode to analyze the results based on modified network conditions.

GridVu Network

GridVu Network is a mobile application used by utility crews and remotely-located utility personnel to visualize situational awareness of the network status, outages, work orders and planned switching—all overlaid on the network topology with Google Maps. GridVu Network is tightly integrated with the Onesait ADMS and displays dynamic network information including topology (colorization), power flow, switch status, tags, outages, work orders and crews.

XpertSim™ – Dispatcher Training Stimulator

The Onesait XpertSim Dispatcher Training Simulator is a valuable tool that realistically models the operation of distribution power system. It creates an environment for dispatchers to have “hands-on” training under simulated normal, emergency, and restorative operating conditions and to learn the use of various ADMS functions and applications.

Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Integration

The Onesait ADMS is DER-ready, providing flexible solutions that utilize Volt-VAr Optimization (VVO), load forecasting, and dynamic system reconfiguration to help mitigate these issues and improve the visibility and integrated operation of grid-connected DERs. For additional information, please visit the Onesait DER Solutions page.

“With Minsait ACS we have increased the quality and efficiency in real-time decision and minimized operational errors, thanks to the integration of SCADA and ADMS. This means quality of service for more than 650k customers in our market.”

R. Medina

DSystem and Development Manager, Empresa Distibuidora de Electricidad del Este (EDEESTE)

ADMS: An Integrated Platform for Enhanced Operations, Outage Management and Delivery Optimization