Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)

Minsait ACS offers a robust suite of applications to manage and optimize utility-scale Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) that can be deployed with our Onesait ADMS platform, or as a standalone solution in a distributed architecture.

With an ever-growing presence of DERs in the power distribution system, utilities need new solutions to optimize the value of these assets as well as limit the adverse effects on the network. Such challenges include voltage violations and reverse power flow as inverter-based distributed generation increases and load/generation becomes more intermittent.
Minsait ACS provides cost-effective, flexible and scalable software solutions for DERs, including Volt-VAr Optimization (VVO), load forecasting, and system reconfiguration, that can be integrated with existing systems. The solution is multi-staged, combining monitoring and control of DER assets with system optimization, to effectively meet the challenges presented by growing DER penetration and related congestion.
Minsait ACS also offers Onesait Utilities Prosumers for managing and aggregating smaller DERs, including behind-the-meter assets.

Benefits and Capabilities

System Voltage Optimization: Real-time VVO; and Smart inverters for fine tuning VVO. Forecasting & System Reconfiguration: Utilize forecasting (weather & loading) to identify potential system issues; and provide switching plans to alleviate DER congestion. Real-Time System Reconfiguration & DER Curtailment: Dynamically reconfigure system when unexpected injection violations occur; and DER curtailment based on injections at Point of Common Coupling (PPC).

Showcasing Peak Shaving & Load Flexibility Utilizing DER