GridVu™ Applications

GridVu™ Applications offer enhanced real-time power system and outage visualization to crews or the public using Google Maps.

GridVu from Minsait ACS provides general DMS and OMS incident summary and location information via the internet to utility personnel and to the public. GridVu uses a responsive design to effectively present map-based data in a browser using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The information is presented overlaid on Google Maps to show the geographic location relative to the network being viewed.

GridVu Public

GridVu Public is a public-facing view deployed in combination with Onesait OMS to provide outage information to the public via the utility website.

Information presented on the map can include: service area boundaries, outage icons, outage area polygons, number of outages, number of customers affected, outage cause, estimated restoration time and playback of outage history.

The information presented is configurable by the utility and is integrated directly with the OMS.  GridVu Public plays a critical role in keeping  utility customers, public officials, and news media aware of outage status and utility restoration progress.

GridVu OMS

GridVu OMS is used by utility field personnel and other authorized users to view selected Onesait OMS information in a mobile environment. Information presented on the map in GridVu OMS includes: incidents, confirmed outages, work orders, costumer calls, crew locations, dispatcher and crew notes. All information is displayed on a service area map. Information regarding the number, location, scope and estimated time of restoration of the jobs, as well as important information regarding the calls and crews, is presented in tool tip pop-ups associated with the icons. The user may select the specific types and location of information to be displayed at any time. Google Maps functionality, such as location search and street view, is supported within GridVu Network.

GridVu Network

GridVu Network is used by utility field personnel and remotely-located utility management to visualize situational awareness of the network status, outages, work orders and planned switching—all overlaid on the network topology with Google Maps.

GridVu Network is tightly integrated with the Onesait ADMS and OMS solutions, and can display the following dynamic status information (depending upon the type of information available in the ADMS or OMS model):

  • Network topology (colorization)
  • Substations
  • Feeder
  • Switches/reclosers
  • Fuses
  • Capacitors
  • Transformers
  • Device tags
  • Switching procedures
  • Power flow direction

To maximize performance on mobile networks, the user may dynamically select the portion of the network and the specific information to be included on the map display using a system “tree” filter. Google Maps functions such as location search and street view are supported within GridVu Network.