POWR™ Mobile

POWR™ mobile applications provide crews with access to critical outage and work details, with data persistence meaning that even communication outages do not prevent the job from getting done.


POWR™ is a suite of mobile-optimized applications from Minsait ACS, developed as an extension of our Outage Management System. POWR applications are designed to provide the utility crews with personalized tabular outage and non-outage work information, and with details related to network switching plan assignments.

Its mobile capabilities make it a useful tool for network switch plan assignments for work crews on the go. POWR is built with a responsive design for use on mobile devices including iPads, tablets, smart phones and mobile PCs.  Major platform-independent browsers are supported.


The information and Job types supported in POWR include:

  • Outage (ticket) work
  • Non-outage (planned) work
  • Customer call information
  • Switch steps assigned to the crew
  • Interactive customized work forms
  • Automated public outage updates
  • Photo-handling for public and internal view

The data persistence feature of POWR ensures that all information entered and/or captured by crews is maintained in the event of communication interruption. POWR stores all user-entered data locally on the mobile device and automatically manages data synchronization with the OMS server when communication is re-established.

POWR Survey

POWR Survey is an extension of POWR that enables the operator to visually manage the complexity of assessing storm damage. When a network is severely damaged, whether in whole or in part, POWR Survey enables an operator to dispatch a crew, using the mobile application, to the area of the damaged feeder to perform a manual record or “survey” of the damage. 

The details of all assessed damage are uploaded to the control center, where the operator visually organizes and manages it for reconstruction and restoration.

Powr Mobile Interface