Centrix™ Feeder Automation

Combining the rapid deployment and scalability of a distributed approach with the performance and reliability of a dynamic, model–driven solution, Centrix is the flexible, easy to configure and cost-effective solution for FLISR and IVVC.

CENTRIX Powerline

Centrix is an advanced feeder automation platform that can leverage your existing controls and communications infrastructure with the addition of proven applications for reliability and delivery optimization. Centrix uses a new, advanced approach to Distribution Automation at the feeder level. Minsait ACS has taken the functionality and capability of our advanced model driven DMS applications and developed a stand-alone system that is easier to configure and deploy. The cost of a Centrix installation is comparable to that of a legacy peer–to–peer distributed system, without requiring vendor-specific controls or dedicated communication networks.

Reduce outage durations from hours to seconds through automatic isolation and service restoration, including a “return to normal” function with no violations or further service interruption. 

Dramatically improve permanent outage statistics – SAIDI, CAIDI and SAIFI, transforming most of the service interruptions to momentary outages.

Centrix Skyscrapper

Improve feeder power quality through dynamic, interactive control of regulators and capacitors to optimize voltage and reduce losses.

Integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DER) into your feeder automation schemes with flexible modeling and intelligent optimization capabilities .

Centrix Min  never sleeps


Utilize distributed intelligence to deploy automation only where it is needed the most, making your system more resilient and reliable, one “island” at a time.

Template-based model builder means no GIS import or drawing of circuit one-lines.

Simple configuration tools enable IED selection using your pre-configured device profiles.

CENTRIX city skyline

Integrate and manage DER from the substations and feeders they impact.

Full integration with your centralized SCADA or DMS via DNP – no need for expensive or complex interfaces.

Utilize existing automated controls without the need to invest in new hardware.

A model-based solution that is topology-aware and can operate effectively even when the network is in an “abnormal” state – no need for reconfiguration.

CENTRIX energy solutions


  • Support for FLISR, IVVC and DER management
  • Support for DNP3 and IEC 870-5 protocols
  • DNP3 link with existing SCADA for telemetry, events, and alarms
  • Isolation and restoration on loss of voltage
  • Operator-initiated automatic return-to-normal switching
  • Built-in safety features to disable automation when necessary
  • Control center user interface to monitor operation and status
  • Easily scalable to hundreds of feeders and more
  • Redundant configurations supported
  • Delivered with preconfigured IED profiles
  • Device simulator for testing and training

Improve Reliability Using Distributed, Model Driven FLISR