Client Services

Expert help is always available. Client Services is always ready to assist with any issues you may be experiencing with your system.

Client Services is staffed by experienced and dedicated engineers with a deep knowledge of our solutions.

Standard hours for the Client Services is 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM ET, Monday through Friday. All customers also have the option of contracting for 24×7 support, where an Minsait ACS Engineer is on-call around the clock to provide support for emergency situations. 

All critical calls are handled immediately, while lower priority calls are acknowledged within our targeted response times. 

The acts as a single point of contact and will coordinate services for all components of your delivered system, including those manufactured by a third party if specifically covered under your Support Agreement.

Minsait ACS maintains a comprehensive database that records and tracks all correspondence with our customers so that historical records can easily be accessed to ensure support personnel have a complete understanding of the system history. 

Minsait ACS customers are provided access to a special customer-only website that includes information on the latest product releases from Minsait ACS, software downloads, troubleshooting tips and valuable customer forums.

All critical system calls are immediately routed to an available support engineer – no call-backs are necessary. We utilize a call escalation policy that ensures that critical issues are given the priority attention needed, and we allow customers to view the status of support tickets online at any time. 

Survey feedback for incidents helps us ensure that we are continually improving our support processes and providing the outstanding level of service that all Minsait ACS users have come to expect.

  • Contact HelpDesk


    8:00 am to 5:30 pm EST

  • Join the Minsait ACS Customer Community

    Ask questions and get answers from other Minsait ACS Customers.

Minsait ACS Customer Community

The Minsait ACS Community provides a forum where customers can ask questions and get answers from other Customers, get tips and best practices, chat about key topics with peers, and add ideas for future improvements. 

The Community also houses a fully searchable Knowledge Base where you can easily locate manuals, release notes, tech notes, videos, webinars and much more. You can also open, view and manage cases from within the Community and get news and alerts about upcoming events.

Get a support agreement program that suits you

For over 40 years, Minsait ACS has demonstrated the ability to support utility customers’ needs in functionality and customization of their systems. Our primary mission is to support and respond to our customer’s needs in “real-time”. Our flexible approach to support programs, together with our expert engineering staff, is the reason our systems never become outdated and our technology is future proof.

Every system is operated and configured differently, and each utility is unique, however the core technology is based on a proven architecture that allows you to update, patch and upgrade your system online. 

We have a portfolio of programs and services which are intended to meet our customers’ needs. You can get the assistance you need, and discuss or activate any of these programs, by calling 800.241.7317 or by emailing our service agreement department

Customer Care Services Guide and Terms and Conditions furnished upon request.

“Overall we can safely say that our relationship with Minsait ACS has been very successful based upon the products that we have invested in and their attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Continue to do the great work that the company was founded on and we look forward to you supplying BL&P in the future.”

David Haynes

Operational Technology Administrator, Barbados Light & Power Ltd