DASmap Fundamentals

This course is a comprehensive introduction to DASmap, the Distribution Application System Mapping editor. You will learn the working process that is required to maintain your electric model, from updating substation devices to adding feeder elements. The course takes an in–depth look at all of the components of DASmap, from AutoCAD blocks and Oracle tables, to the conversion process and how devices are defined in the Vector Editor (DrawV) and Visual Database Editor (VDE).

You will also learn how to utilize the features of the Graphical Operator Interface (GOI)—such as Device Finder and Loop mode—to troubleshoot your topology model. Tips and tricks, pitfalls to avoid, and lots of practice are featured in this course.


Database and Display Editor, Linux Administration.
Highly recommended: Oracle (Oracle Enterprise Manager) and familiarity with AutoCAD.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is responsible for maintenance or administration of DASmap maps, including system engineers, system administrators, and SCADA personnel.


  • Learn how to make changes to a map.
  • Learn how to add substation and feeder elements.
  • Understand the full process involved in turning maps into PRISM displays.
  • Get an overview of the way data is stored in Oracle Spatial.