Advanced PRISM Features

This 4–day course includes intensive hands–on training and in–depth instruction on building displays and customizing applications. You will learn to define custom, vector– graphic display objects, design sophisticated displays, and implement customized applications.

Advanced features of the system are demonstrated to expand on the concepts presented in the Database and Display Editor course. Unlock the full potential of your PRISM system.


Linux/PRISM Fundamentals and Database and Display Editor.
Highly recommended: Linux Administration.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs a deeper understanding of their PRISM system and it’s capabilities (e.g., system managers, engineers, programmers, or anyone involved in designing displays, maintaining the database and adding applications to the system).


  • Learn about the powerful, advanced features PRISM offers; gain in–depth experience of PRISM database functions.
  • Learn the techniques essential to building and maintaining your customized displays.
  • Acquire skills to efficiently design sophisticated displays for an operational environment.
  • Learn to use the special features and customize menus in the vector editor.
  • Master all the topics needed to design Symbol libraries, Symbol tables, and Device objects.