Substation Automation

The NTX series of substation controllers is modular and scalable, supporting applications from the feeder level to large transmission substations. NTX also offers a unique solution for upgrading legacy RTUs to optimize total cost of ownership.

New substations, and older substations undergoing modernization, demand more device integration capability and flexibility for widely varying I/O requirements. The Minsait ACS NTX family of intelligent controllers provides the scalability and features required to meet these demands.

NTX controllers feature a robust design based on advanced distributed multiple processor technology that supports a range of advanced security features necessary in utility environments. 

The intuitive, easy-to-use configuration software, common among all models, provides engineers the ability to efficiently deploy and manage multiple substations.

Every NTX controller is backed by over 40 years of experience in substation automation and a 10-year warranty.

Legacy RTU Upgrades

NTX upgrade solutions are the key to saving more than 60% over a full RTU replacement of third-party legacy RTUs. The key to the vast savings lies in our upgrade approach that allows you to leave local I/O terminations and original field wiring in place. This approach eliminates the need for re-engineering and rewiring that is typically required of a replacement, resulting in upgrades completed in less than one day.

NTX-U57 Substation Controller (TG5700 Upgrade)

The NTX-U57 is the market leading upgrade solution for L&G/Siemens TG5700 RTU & I/O subsystems. The NTX-U57 replaces the original TG5700 Controller Card that is mounted on the original termination board, eliminating the need to disturb or replace any of the existing field wiring. The solution supports NERC CIP compliance, while adding modern IP communication to eliminate proprietary links.


NTX-U20 Substation Controller (GE D20 Upgrade)

The NTX-U20 is the market leading upgrade solution for GE D20 I/O peripheral panels. The NTX-U20 mounts directly to the existing WESTERM termination boards, eliminating the need to disturb or replace any of the existing field wiring. The solution supports NERC CIP compliance, while adding modern IP communication to eliminate proprietary links.

Substation Automation Solutions

The NTX series shares common modules across the product family and allows the solution to be scaled to meet any need. All models have Ethernet and serial connectivity, multi-port master and IED gateways, internal GPS precision time interface, and scalable I/O.

NTX-20 Controller

The NTX-20 controller is an economical solution for smaller applications such as - distribution line switches, capacitor banks, transformers, distributed substation breaker bays, water pumps, valve control devices, etc., to provide low-cost automation with the highest reliability possible.

NTX-200 Substation Controller

The NTX-200 Substation Controller, the smallest of the NTX-200 series modular substation controllers, incorporates complete substation management functionality. It also adds the ability to interface to a large number of IEDs via serial or ethernet, and to a small to medium amount of locally wired data acquisition and control devices in the substation.

NTX-220 Substation Controller

The NTX-220 Substation Controller, the mid-size version of the NTX-200 series substation controllers, provides complete substation management functionality with more expansion capacity. It also supports the ability to interface to a large number of IEDs via serial or ethernet, and to a medium to large amount of data from hardwired local I/O devices in the substation.


NTX-240 Substation Controller

The NTX-240 Substation Controller provides the same substation management and IED connectivity features as other NTX-200 series models. It does not provide any local I/O slots and is primarily designed to upgrade existing legacy Minsait ACS and second source RTUs, utilizing the existing I/O connectivity.


NTX-260 Substation Controller

The NTX-260 Substation Controller is the top-of-the-line of the NTX-200 series substation controllers. It incorporates complete substation management functionality for extra-large data concentration and protocol translation applications, while also supporting very large amounts of local I/O for full integration within both old and new substation designs.

Sofware Solutions

NTX Explorer

The application provided for configuring the NTX family of controllers. The intuitive interface emulates standard PC Windows Explorer navigation to minimize any learning curve. Drag–and–drop techniques are employed for database configuration and mapping. NTX Explorer enables configuration of the unit locally in the field or remotely from the control center, using either the local maintenance port or Ethernet connection.

The application supports easy configuration of all capabilities of the controller including communication settings, virtual RTUs, local I/O configurations, security features, etc. Upload of existing NTX configurations from the controller is also supported. Using the integrated Monitor feature, the user can view, in real-time, all the physical database values configured in each controller and diagnose communication or signal issues in the field. Both hardwired and IED data values may also be manually overridden for testing purposes and, with password permissions, control relays may be operated manually.

NTX Logic

NTX Logic is a programming application that runs on the NTX Series substation controllers to provide powerful and sophisticated capability for running local control processes. It combines ladder logic capability with powerful function blocks to give you the simplicity of a PLC with the performance of a high-end process controller.

Upgrading Legacy RTUs