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With 90+ Clients On Five Continents, Minsait ACS Launches Its Onesait Utilities Customers Platform In North America

Onesait Utilities Customers, Minsait ACS’s state-of-the-art solution for the comprehensive management of the commercial area in public utility companies, improves the quality of its customer service through an omni-channel experience, optimizing the meter-to-cash business cycle, including mobility solutions that streamline field work management, reducing service costs.

ATLANTA, Feb. 5, 2021 — Utilities are facing multiple challenges as they adapt to a changing digital universe. Onesait Utilities Customers is Minsait ACS’s response – a powerful Customer Information System (CIS) that supports customer engagement and the Meter-to-Cash business processes of electric, gas, and water utilities of all sizes.

“We have a 40+ year history of solid product delivery of our utility solutions in the United States out of our Atlanta office.  We have witnessed the US utility market make greater investments in distribution automation and management on the energy side and adopt AMI technology in the water industry. The move to embrace cloud technology after experiencing the insecurity and threats of on-premise systems makes this the right time for us to expand that product portfolio by bringing our CIS platform, Onesait Customers, that has already overcome these challenges in other countries, to the US,” states Leo Benitez, Global EVP of Energy and Utilities for Minsait, an Indra company.

Benitez continued, “Minsait ACS’s customer solutions are modular and allow a utility to grow.  In a way, we are offering to utilities what they are offering their customers:  The ability to get what they need when they need it at their preference.  We grow with what utilities need at the time they need them.”

The underlying architecture is also a key differentiator as today’s utilities are extremely interdependent. Minsait’s Onesait Customers is a cloud-based application that can be licensed or operated in a SaaS model. It is modular, with plenty of APIs to allow for easy integration with third-party vendors.

Ready to Co-Innovate

Minsait ACS’s model has been based on a ‘Global View with Local Flavor’ and we use that approach in our project delivery.  The regional project teams are knowledgeable about the market and ready to participate in client implementations to insure efficiency, rigor, and quality. A project is not just about technology. We view domain knowledge and functional expertise, along with the ability to move in an agile manner, as important as selecting the right solution.

“Why now? Because utilities need safety and security, and old code will not cut it; and because customer engagement is far more than just self-service applications. Our experience and software can respond to the forecasted needs of utilities with managing programs and moving into a world where data will have to be used for more than field activity,” points out Kevin Sullivan, CEO at Minsait ACS.

“Minsait has done this around the world. Now it is time to bring that experience to the United States,” says Sullivan.

About Minsait ACS

Minsait ACS (Advanced Control Systems, Inc.) ( is a part of Minsait, an Indra Company, one of the leading global technology and consulting companies and the technological partner for core business operations of its customers worldwide.

Minsait, an Indra company (, is a leading firm in Digital Transformation Consultancy and Information Technologies.

At Minsait ACS, we leave our mark by providing solutions and services that support the entire energy value chain, from intelligent management networks and data to the commercialization of energy and new services. Our value proposition is based on innovation and knowledge of the business processes and challenges within the utility sector.