The Mexican firm Agua de Puebla will improve its customer service and commercial operations with Minsait’s technology

Thanks to the introduction of Onesait Utilities Customers, Minsait’s state-of-the-art commercial management solution, Agua de Puebla will speed up customer service by means of apps and the internet, lower running costs and reduce unbilled water losses.

Minsait’s initiatives in similar projects have allowed it to reduce complaints by up to 15%, cut the business cycle by 3 days and achieve savings of up to 20% in the running costs of different business processes.

Minsait, an Indra company, has signed a contract with Agua de Puebla (Mexico) to carry out the process of commercial management modernization of the utility with the aim of improving the service for more than 450,000 customers, reducing running costs and increasing efficiency in working procedures by means of digital transformation. 

Thanks to Onesait Utilities Customers, Minsait’s state-of-the-art solution for the comprehensive management of the commercial business of public utilities, Agua de Puebla’s clients will be able to carry out operations and resolve queries at any time and every day of the year via mobile apps and the website. 

Additionally, the project envisages the incorporation of an application to speed up and optimize the management of orders from teams in the field (meter reading, disconnections, reconnections, inspections, etc.) by means of mobile devices, reducing costs and improving customer service.

Another expected benefit is the fall in unbilled water, in other words, water that has been produced that then gets lost in the distribution network before reaching the customer due to various factors such as spills, theft, unlawful use and inefficiencies in the internal procurement, reading and billing processes. 

The project will also increase the efficiency of collections thanks to the pre-payment option included in this solution, as well as improving commercial decision-making with the integration of an analytical information management platform.

Minsait’s experience with similar initiatives has reduced complaints by up to 15%, cut the business cycle by 1 to 3 days and achieved savings of up to 20% in the running costs of the mete- to-cash processes (reading and collection), as well as those related to the management of the field work crews and the drawing up of reports.

Onesait Utilities Customers makes it possible to automate and optimize the entire business cycle of public utilities (meter reading, billing, collection and comprehensive customer management). It also supports sales and information requests via virtual channels, speeding up decision-making and improving customer service quality. 

Additionally, it facilitates the logging of service outage reports from customers due to lack of availability of the service, and automatically creates incident logs for the company's operations center to resolve. The system also facilitates the generation of automated service quality indicators. 

Onesait Customers is included in Gartner’s Market Guide and is implemented in more than 90 utilities that manage more than 110 million customers. 

Agua de Puebla holds the concession to provide the public services of drinking water, drainage system, sewer system, sanitation and disposal of waste water in the municipality of Puebla and the specific territorial divisions of the municipalities of Cuautlancingo, San Pedro Cholula, San Andrés Cholula and Amozoc. The company provides drinking water to more than 450,000 clients.

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