Minsait Presents the First Global Deployment of a Cloud Based SCADA System

The deployment in Cloud of these systems will allow to quickly implement the technological infrastructure that electricity companies need, facilitating the allocation of resources automatically, as well as the transformation of fixed expenses into variable ones thanks to payment based on consumption

  • Reduces the time of diagnosis and identification of anomalies at ENERGUATE, the Guatemalan utility, and incorporates the best practices of user experience and the management of critical information
  • The Cloud deployment of SCADA systems will allow quicker implementations of the technological infrastructure needed by electric utilities, facilitating the automatic allocation of resources and the replacement of fixed costs into variable ones based on consumption
  • The advantages of Cloud operations of SCADA, could reduce by up to 50% the initial investment costs and infrastructure update requirement 

Madrid, June 15, 2023 - Minsait, an Indra company, presented in Madrid, at the 2023 AWS Summit, the deployment in Latin America of the first cloud-hosted SCADA system worldwide. This system is meant for the operation and monitoring of the critical infrastructures of the national electricity grid of Guatemala. The project, developed jointly with Energuate, the electricity company in Guatemala and the largest in Central America, includes the latest version of PRISM SCADA of Minsait ACS, Minsait's unit in the United States, that is deployed on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud infrastructure.

The new PRISM SCADA incorporates best practices in user experience (UX) design to improve the management of critical information coming from Guatemala's electricity distribution network. Energuate oversee operations of almost 50,000 miles of power grid and provides electricity service to more than 2.2 million customers in Guatemala.

This new version of PRISM SCADA improves incident resolution times through a clearer and more intuitive representation of the state of the network and additional contextual information that increases the productivity of operators. Another important feature is the incorporation of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence technologies for learning and continuous improvement on decision-making to reduce outages duration and increase service quality indexes.

50% reduction in infrastructure costs

Minsait ACS is working with AWS to implement the technological infrastructure that Energuate needs for the allocation of resources automatically, thus replacing fixed costs with variable ones based on consumption.

The deployment of this type of solution in the cloud can reduce by up to 50% the initial investment and the cost of updating infrastructures. It also leverages the high standards of data security and privacy of AWS cloud elevates for the operation of critical infrastructures, the protection of information and applications.

Other benefits of the newest PRISM SCADA are the reduction of onsite activity during system implementation, faster training on the intuitive and user friendly interface, a system architecture for scalability to serve power grids of all sizes.