Smart Cities

Minsait Presents Innovative Solutions in Sustainability and Public Management at Smart City Expo Curitiba

Based on its Phygital proposal, which aims to connect the physical to the digital world, for the management of cities and territories, the company presents technological solutions capable of ensuring more efficient services and lower environmental impacts.

  • With innovations that support public managers around the world, the company is present at the largest smart cities event in Brazil, between March 22 and 24
  • Based on its Phygital proposal, which aims to connect the physical to the digital world, for the management of cities and territories, the company presents technological solutions capable of ensuring more efficient services and lower environmental impacts.
  • Minsait's agreements and partnerships with various instances of the public power of Paraná include accelerated training program in technology and installation of innovation laboratories

São Paulo, March 22, 2023  –  Minsait, an Indra company, a leader in digital transformation and Information Technology, will bring to the 2023 edition of Smart City Expo Curitiba its Phygital proposal for city and territory management. It is an innovative governance model, which aims to connect the physical to the digital world, from technological solutions capable of improving the quality of services provided to citizens, ensuring efficiency in public administration and reducing the impacts caused to the environment. 

The company was named the world's leading provider of IoT services to the public sector in 2022 by the IDC MarketScape report.  The title of "Worldwide Leader of Industrial Internet-of-Things Service Providers  for Public Administration" was conferred on the company after aqualitative and quantitative evaluation of its capabilities and strategies aimed at the industrial offer of IoT for public services, in all segments of the value chain. 

With innovations that support public managers around the world, with the potential to generate real value for society and bring tangible benefits to the population, Minsait is present at the largest smart cities event in Brazil, hosted in the capital of Paraná, and which takes place between March 22 and 24, at the Positivo Events Center,  located in Barigui Park.

Created in partnership with Fira Barcelona, organizer of the Smart City Expo World Congress, the exhibition and congress will address issues related to the development of cities and sustainability, including topics such as transport, infrastructure and public spaces. In addition, the event will also address aspects related to technology and security, debating topics such as Big Data, blockchain , privacy regulations, cybersecurity and data protection.

Minsait will participate in the congress program with a lecture given by Ewaldo Del Valle, Director of Public Administration and Health of the company in Brazil, which will be part of the session "How is technology transforming our desires about how governments work?", which will take place today (22/03), at 12:15 pm. During his speech, the executive will address topics such as Digital Government 5.0 and the company's Smart Tourism solution. 

Smart Cities

The development of a more sustainable and intelligent society has everything to do with technological advances. Therefore, the concept of smart cities is closely related to the solutions of Minsait, which has a commitment to innovation for the transformation of the cities of the future.

The so-called "smart cities" have as some of their pillars energy efficiency, the promotion of quality of life and the concern with environmental, social and economic sustainability. We work in an accelerated way to support States and Municipalities in the introduction of solutions in this concept that is the answer to challenges of this era, such as environmental problems and the expressive growth of the urban population.

Smart Tourism

In the field of tourism, Minsait offers a comprehensive response to the needs of the sector, through its Smart Tourism proposal, developed to support the most varied agents of this market in the recovery of activities impacted by the pandemic, ensuring the resilience, safety, competitiveness and sustainability of tourist destinations.

Among the differentials of this solution, it can be highlighted, in addition to the consulting services and the digital services platform aimed at all agents of the destination (including tourists and local SMEs), intelligent management and exploitation of spaces, assets and experiences; contextualized interaction with the tourist, through advanced channels of promotion and marketing; and a competitive intelligence system for the industry, based on data.

Smart Parking

When it comes to smart city management, another innovative proposal from Minsait is Smart Parking, which not only helps drivers find the perfect parking space, but also reduces the time spent in traffic jams by up to 96 hours a year. With the use of apps connected to the solution, information is provided on the occupancy status of the spaces, allowing drivers to halve the time spent parking the vehicle.

Along with reducing traffic jams and saving drivers' time, Smart Parking also contributes to a reduction of up to 18% in CO2 emissions and up to 7% in fuel consumption. The technology also has automated payment and control tools, capable of providing an analytical view of the information generated.

Smart Environment

Wastewater treatment

Among the novelties presented by Minsait at its booth is a solution for wastewater treatment, optimized through Oblysis technology, capable of bringing significant benefits to treatment plants, including reductions in energy consumption by up to 40% and decreases of up to 50%, both in the production of sludge and in the consumption of purifying additives. With a deployment time of only one or two days, the solution improves the management and treatment of the activated sludge that makes up the wastewater, converting it into regular sludge and thus allowing the elimination of organic matter and other components.

Intelligent fire detection

Focused on both the protection of assets and the preservation of the environment, Minsait's efficient management proposal also includes Smart Wildfire Detection, a technology based on Video Analytics and IoT, low cost and easy installation, which allows monitoring thousands of kilometers, 24 hours a day, and thus detecting fires quickly, minimizing both the response time to these occurrences, as well as the impacts on assets and nature.

Composed of devices installed along the lines in electricity towers, the system is able to detect smoke, light sources or hotspots that can be considered fire hotspots. In addition to monitoring field images in 360°, the devices that make up the system are equipped with sensors aimed at identifying non-visible aspects such as temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

Partnerships and agreements in the State of Paraná

In addition to the stage for the presentation of Minsait's innovative solutions, during Smart City Expo 2023, the city of Curitiba will also have innovation programs, defined from a Memorandum of Understanding, signed last February by the company and the Curitiba Development and Innovation Agency.

The memorandum aims to establish a partnership between the organizations for actions related to research, training, training and internship, as well as the implementation of laboratories for the development, testing, demonstrations and validations of solutions aimed at smart cities and Digital Government.

Also in February, Minsait signed an agreement with the Government of the State of Paraná, through the Secretariat of Innovation, Modernization and Digital Transformation and the Company of Information and Communication Technology of Paraná (Celepar), for the installation, in the State, of the Digital Innovation Hub, a training center for labor in the area of Information Technology.

According to the agreement, together with the Digital Innovation Hub, innovation laboratories will also be installed for the agricultural, health, tourism and urban solutions for smart cities sectors. The initiative aims to accelerate the entry of students and workers in the IT area, in order to meet the growing demand of the sector for specialized professionals.

It is also worth mentioning the partnership signed between Minsait and the Itaipu Technological Park Foundation-Brazil (PTI-BR) to act jointly in actions related to innovation in the areas of smart cities and agribusiness. The main objective of the agreement is the dissemination of themes linked to these sectors in order to accelerate the launch and assimilation of new solutions in both markets.

The partnership combines Minsait's extensive experience in partnerships with the public sector, as well as its expertise in solutions aimed at smart cities, to the smart cities platform created by PTI-BR, in Foz do Iguaçu (PR), with the purpose of disseminating knowledge to public managers and democratizing spaces for testing and validation of solutions developed by private companies. The agreement also includes the articulation of Minsait, together with PTI-BR, to expand the Digital Innovation Hub, its accelerated training program in technology.