Minsait Helps Bahrain To Manage Electricity And Water Utilities More Efficiently

The company will implement advanced digital solutions to improve the quality of its customer service through new channels, optimize the business cycle from consumption reading to bill payment, and improve the management of distribution assets, all of this with a major impact on the environment and people’s quality of life.

The project is a cornerstone of the Government of Bahrain’s transformation strategy to become one of the best in the region. Minsait’s experiences in similar projects succeeded in cutting field work costs due to call-outs by 20%, complaints by up to 15%, and achieved savings of up to 20% in the operational costs of meter reading and collection.

Minsait, an Indra company, has signed a contract with EWA (Bahrain Electricity and Water Authority), the public utility company of the Kingdom of Bahrain, to implement advanced solutions to digitalize commercial customer service and asset management of the distribution network, as well as reducing income losses in the company’s water and electricity services, that serves 430,000 electricity clients and 310,000 water clients.

Minsait thus contributes to the modernization and a more sustainable use of public services in the country, with a major impact on quality of life and the environment. On the one hand, the contract will contribute to a more efficient water and electricity management and consumption. On the other hand, it will also help improve the network development and maintenance activities, thereby optimizing of the use of resources and materials, as well as enhancing the quality of service.

The project is a basic foundation for the transformation strategy of EWA, a company recognized by the Government of Bahrain as a key domestic player to achieve its goals of turning the kingdom into one of the best places to live in the region.

Sheikh Nawaf Bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, CEO of EWA, explains that: “signing this contract fulfills our goal of providing water and electricity services of the best quality and reliability level to guarantee a sustainable development in the Kingdom of Bahrain and become a leading model in this field”.

For his part, Leonardo Benítez, Head of the Market of Energy&Utilities at Minsait, states that, “this project shows EWA’s confidence in Minsait, which in 2007 implemented the company’s first commercial management system, and which now relies on Minsait again as a technological partner to move forward in the digitalization of its distribution and commercial management processes, with the firm intention of being a world leader in the management of such essential and important services as energy and water”.

The project allows for the implementation of Onesait Utilities Customers, Minsait’s state-of-the-art solution for the comprehensive management of the commercial business of public utility companies, which makes it easier for customers to interact with the company by means of digital tools such as mobile apps and the website. The solution includes the mobility solutions that optimize field work management and reduce service costs.

Minsait will also include solutions of its Onesait Utilities Grid suite to speed up network maintenance and development processes, from the creation and reception of network expansion projects to the maintenance and support of sales department requests. This is the case of the requests related to new customer supplies or connections and load increase, which are automatically analyzed taking into account possible voltage drops, overloads and technical losses.

Additionally, the company will deploy all the solutions in the Cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), that will make it possible to operate the systems platform in the service modality and promote economic and operative efficiency. The smart metering management system (Smart Metering) will also be deployed at all the supply points to improve consumption monitoring and eliminate manual readings.


Minsait’s experiences in similar projects have succeeded in cutting annual electrical supply downtime by 7% and field work costs due to call-outs by 20%. Its direct impact on maintenance and operation tasks results in annual savings of 5% to 10%.

Minsait’s solutions have also reduced complaints by up to 15%, cut the business cycle by 1 to 3 days and achieved savings of up to 20% in the operational costs of the meter to cash processes (reading and collection), as well as those related to the management of the field work crews and the drawing up of reports.

Onesait Customers is included in the Gartner Market Guide and it is considered a model solution in the sector. For its part, Onesite Utilities Grid has also been acknowledged in Gartner and IDC reports.

Minsait’s energy solutions and utilities have been implemented in over 350 gas, electricity and water companies in nearly 50 countries. Currently, over 100 million clients around the world carry out management tasks using the systems developed by the company.

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