Promoting sustainability and operational efficiency in wastewater treatment plants.

Oblysis Technology: Water companies face the challenge of achieving operational excellence, optimizing associated costs

iAgua awards 2022. Oblysis is the revolution in wastewater treatment efficiency, recognized by iAgua as Technological Solution of the Year 2022

A unique and revolutionary technology that, by transforming conventional activated sludge into aerobic granular sludge, optimizes plant performance, improving effluent quality and reducing operating costs.

About Oblysis

800 kg

1,75 m x 1,75 m x 2,2 m

Average energy consumption
5kW / day

Optimal plants to which it is applied
More than 100.000 effective population equivalent

Activated sludge and oxidation ponds

Oblysis impact

Oblysis generates a high impact in wastewater treatment


Reduces energy consumption


Reduces the use of additives


Reduce sludge Production

Oblysis self-regulatory system analyzes the sludge aggregation code and adapts to it

  • Increases specific weight and settling.
    Achieving a particle size between 0.5 and 3mm.
  • Optimizes the functioning of the biological reactor's blowers.
    Reducing the air blown.
  • Meet 100% of Improves plant performance parameters.
    DQO, DBO, SS, NH4+, N, Nitrates, etc.commitments
  • Guarantees the effluent’s quality.
  • Increases capacity and improves overall plant performance.
  • Reduces operating costs:
    Energy, sludge and additives.

Our main references

Installation and calibration of Oblysis is done in a short time

Minsait ACS

Improve debugging process quickly, stable and efficient. It integrates with the Onesait platform allowing the monitoring of data and operation parameters.

Minsait ACS

Little intrusive installation in biological reactors. Without structural modifications or intervention in electrical equipment. Low maintenance.

Minsait ACS

It only requires a cable connected to the electrical network for its operation. Regulates the use of air supply equipment.