Onesait Utilities Metering (MDM)

Onesait Metering is a multi-utility solution for the validation, estimation, editing and analysis of meter data.

Onesait Utilities Metering (MDM) has advanced analytics methods to identify the energy demand of consumers by identifying outliers and dates where consumption differs from usual energy usage, energy usage characteristics, such as gaps or recognize patterns, over diverse time-periods.

Built on an IoT big data platform that can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premise Scalable solution that allows utilities to store, manage, apply and export data through open source technologies. Functional high-performance queries using advanced business intelligence to analyze patterns in consumer demand.

Operational Flow

The logical execution process of Metering is based on these three mainlines: Data collection: Manual or scheduled data acquisition through various protocols and technologies, from different data sources. Data management: Involves all the VEE process to complete and certify data. Data share: Exchange data with other corporate systems .

Measure Management


Metering selects the best value available and validates through user-defined business rules.


Metering provides gap-free load profiles to third party systems.


Metering features flexible calculation algorithms to apply different market driven models and perform billing simulation.

Assets Tracking

Metering allows clustering of metering points by different criteria to define patterns in demand forecast and load curves.

Revenue Assurance

Metering provides energy balancing functionality to search for non-technical losses and irregular usage based on historical data and other variables.

Analytics and KPI

  • % Valid vs. Invalid Measures
  • % Estimated measures per billing period
  • % Closed vs. Open incidents
  • Incidents average resolution time
  • % Real source vs. calculated BTV measures
  • Positive Irregular consumption candidates
  • Monthly consumption increase
  • Average Technical Losses by facility

Managing AMI Data with an MDM