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Upgrading Legacy RTUs

Utilities continue to face the dilemma of how to handle their legacy Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) infrastructure.

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Drivers for needing to address this challenge may include product obsolescence, lack of vendor support, cybersecurity concerns, elimination of proprietary protocols, and/or reliability concerns. Utilities may see their only option is to completely replace their legacy RTU infrastructure which is a very costly and time-consuming endeavor.

Minsait ACS provides ways to upgrade to modern microprocessor-based solutions while leaving some of the existing infrastructure like the local I/O terminations and original field I/O wiring in place. This introduces tremendous cost savings to the customer and expedites the timeline to modernize the substation.

This webinar will discuss specifically the solution for upgrading Westronics/Harris/GE D200/20s and address these key points:

  • Upgrade existing peripherals without disturbing existing field wiring
  • Minsait ACS can provide new terminal modules for expansion, replacement, or new applications
  • How to change the communication protocol from the proprietary GE D.20 link to industry standard DNP/IP
  • Overview of the NTX U20 peripheral architecture, utilizing either copper or fiber Ethernet
  • Provide a 1ms time stamp is to each Digital Input point