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Showcasing Peak Shaving & Load Flexibility Utilizing DER

Electric cooperatives make every effort to create value for their members. The price of electricity is a major concern and it can be noticeably influenced by demand charges.

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Managing demand peaks is a critical activity for cooperatives that have learned to leverage traditional tools such as voltage control, interruptible loads, management of water heaters and demand side management policies. Leveraging time-of-use rates, where allowed, can also be an useful.

Smart water heaters, smart thermostats and the use of energy storage solutions, such as batteries, are consolidating their position in the market and offering new and more personalized ways to engage customers in using energy more efficiently.

How are the cooperatives approaching these new opportunities?

Are they limiting their choices to just one or two technology providers?

Do the solutions a cooperative chooses allow dynamic load management as is required now that the presence of renewable energy resources are steadily increasing?

This webinar will explain how software platforms can help a cooperative simultaneously operate several demand management solutions from a single-entry point without limiting the choice of technology partners or the possibility of promoting BYOD to their members.

We will also explain how these platforms integrate with DMS, Customer Information Systems (CIS) and behind-the-meter resources to monitor loads, to forecast, schedule and dispatch load reduction, to optimize the cost of all load reduction events and to reward the members that took part to them.