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Improve Reliability Using Distributed, Model-Driven FLISR without GIS

Utilities are continuing to look at ways to improve the reliability on the distribution system.

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This tends to lead to more automated system switching and reconfiguration to account for faults on the network.  A common term to describe this is Fault Location Isolation and Service Restoration or FLISR.  There are multiple apporaches to FLISR from logic/rules based approach to using system modeling.  This webinar will compare/contrast these different methods and highlight a field-proven model-based FLISR platform that does not require GIS model imports.

This webinar will highlight these key points:

  • Compare various types of FLISR methods
  • Highlight a model-based FLISR without needing GIS data
  • Items to consider when implementing FLISR
  • Expected benefits of implementing FLISR