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Improve Insights of Grid Performance with Data Analytics

There is no shortage of data in any utility. Systems such as SCADA, AMI, Customer Information Systems, Asset Management, etc. produce, store, and process large amounts of data every minute, every hour, every day.

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Still, every person in the organization is missing specific pieces of information to provide them better analytics for a more exact forecast.

Why is that? With data being more available than ever and with an ever-decreasing cost to maintain data, why is it so difficult to obtain needed information?

Are large spreadsheets really the best way to have flexibility to exchange data across the organization?

In this webinar, we will explain processes to leverage data and generate information across departments. Not only will we explain how data can be gathered, but how it can be dynamically reorganized, to provide analytics that are flexible enough to adapt to new company objectives.

We will explain the principles behind a data analytics platform so it can have capacity, flexibility and accessibility to information.