Webinar -  The Path to Neural Grids (featuring Verizon)
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FREE WEBINAR: The Path to Neural Grids (featuring Verizon)

How reliable, low latency communications, edge computing and distribution automation are changing smart grids to Neural grids and transforming operations.

When June 21 From 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Eastern Daylight Time, US east coast (UTC -4)

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Webinar: The Path to Neural Grids (featuring Verizon)

Utilities are faced with challenging choices. Reliability and resilience requirements are driving a need for greater grid situational awareness. Enabling technologies are a catalyst that will drive new opportunities to operate and innovate electricity delivery. 

To move from the smart grid paradigm into the Neural Grid, utilities can rely on advanced communications platforms and low cost LPWA solutions. Specifically, 5G networks are very likely to become the underlying connectivity in the Neural Grid era. 

The future is not 10 years away - it is happening now. 



  • High quality and high granularity smart metering data, enriches Outage Management information, provides valuable insights on Assets Health, helps uncover masked load in presence of DER.
  • Grid Automation, including retrofit devices, FLISR implementation and improvements of SAIDI and SAIFI, require low latency and reliable comms.
  • Analytics of grid and metering data, together with low latency nodal data processing on IoT gateways, enable the Integration of DER, Load Management and Power Flow Optimization.


  • Al Mahesh,Business Development Emerging Technologies, Verizon [LinkedIn]
  • Zach Lewallen, Principal Solutions Architect for Emerging Technology, Verizon [LinkedIn]
  • Giovanni Polizzi, VP Sales & Marketing, Minsait ACS [LinkedIn]