Webinar -  The Path to Neural Grids (featuring Verizon)
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DISTRIBUTECH Panel Discussion: Digital Asset Intelligence to Improve Grid Resilience

Grid operators today have an overwhelming volume of digital assets and information available to them. Organizing that data, democratizing access across a utility’s various departments, and utilizing it to make smarter decisions to promote grid resilience requires advanced intelligence applications. Those applications should be available to both remote workers and field personnel. Network Digital Twin solutions should enable utilities to very quickly process huge amounts of imagery data from LiDAR, satellites, field personnel and creates a repository so that imagery data is easily accessible across departments. Network Digital Twin should also utilize machine learning to identify equipment issues and anomalies allowing grid operators to prioritize maintenance to improve grid resilience. GIS data must also be available for field personnel access to a utility’s existing GIS data. Due to the frequency of connectivity issues during emergency situations, it is critical that GIS data be available online or offline. Augmented reality projection of GIS data enables field personnel to quickly locate and gather critical information on grid assets even when they are obstructed in the real world.

Where San Diego Convention Center 111 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

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KNOWLEDGE HUBS: Digitalizing the Grid

February 8, 2023

3:15 pm – 3:45 pm

Hub #5501, Exhibit Floor

Hub Sponsored by: Siemens

Session Sponsored by: Gridspertise


  • Information on grid assets can be shared with nearby utilities who provide temporary support to affected regions
  • Mobile GIS is a tool that can help field workers during emergency situations (Minsait – new solutions/technologies to overcome business challenges)
  • Digital Twin can quickly process and organize images that are spread across organizations within a utility (AWS -speed of processing)


  • Gridspertise: Gianni Ceneri – Chief Technology Officer
  • Minsait: Giovanni Polizzi – VP Sales and Marketing
  • AWS: Joe Beer – Solutions Leader