Onesait Utilities Customers (CIS)

Onesait Utilities Customers lets you control the meter-to-cash processes, as well as the management of prepaid and postpaid contracts, providing value-added services to customers and powerful customer engagement - ready today for the future of the utility industry.
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Onesait Utilities Customers accelerates a utility’s digital transformation

Onesait Customers is a powerful CIS solution that supports customer engagement and meter-to-cash business processes of electric, gas, and water utilities of all sizes. Driven by the latest innovation and built on years of experience, Onesait Customers is a cost-effective, intelligent, innovative technology to drive efficiency. Instant access to information and proactive customer service is delivered to your digitally savvy consumers and prosumers.
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Years of experience




Bills calculated every month


Increase customer satisfaction by 30%

Shows consumers and prosumers relevant and timely information 24×7, delivered through a personalized customer experience.

Increase collection rate by 60%

State-of-the-art capabilities in Onesait Customers automate the debt-management process, speeding up cash recovery efforts

Reduce meter-to-cash cycle by 4 days

The automation of processes such as reading, billing and invoicing improves speed and accuracy of the meter-to-cash cycle.

Lower operating costs by 19%

Powerful workflows and mobile apps within Onesait Customers increase productivity with an improved user experience.

Decrease customers calls by 25%

The comprehensive set of configurable controls, at every step of the meter-to-cash cycle, reduces customer complaints and calls.

A customer-centric approach designed for utilities

Customer service solutions
Customer service solutions

A modern digital customer journey based on an omni-channel approach

The underlying architecture is a key differentiator enabling digital transformation. Onesait Customers has a flexible deployment model to support on-premise or any cloud.

Onesait Customers is an integrated solution that manages the meter-to-cash process, with a modular approach and an API layer that easily integrates with third-party applications.

Onesait Customers includes innovative energy services and accelerators, including distributed intelligence and advanced business analytics.